NEW Precision Shuttle Retrofit Kits

NEW Precision Shuttle Retrofit Kits

NEW Precision Shuttle Retrofit Kits

In 2022 Xandex completed a re-design of the pneumatic shuttle assemblies used on most DieMark Pneumatic Inkers. The new Precision Pneumatic Shuttle design reduces friction between moving parts and eliminates potential vibration related parts movement for more accurate, repeatable dot placement. Designed for the New Small Dot Micro-Z inkers, the Precision Shuttle has simplified maintenance procedure and is such a great performance improvement it is now standard equipment on the X1100 Series and the X1400 Series DieMark Pneumatic Inking Systems.

The new "Precision" design can also be used to update existing pneumatic inker models. Some existing pneumatic inking systems require a retrofit kit in order to mount the Precision shuttle in place of the old design. Retrofit Kits consist of a new Precision Shuttle, including controller-to-shuttle air hose assembly, and a new mounting bracket to mount the shuttle on the inker base.

The Precision shuttle has two form factors. The first and most common shuttle form factor allows the shuttle to be mounted to the inker using a mounting bracket. The mounting bracket is installed on the inker assembly and the shuttle is installed on the bracket using screws. The second form factor has a flange integral to the shuttle body that allows direct mounting without a bracket. Internally the two shuttles function identically. The second form factor with integral mounting feature does not require a kit, as the shuttle assembly (with air hose) can be replaced on an existing inker without a mounting bracket.

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Precision Shuttle Advantages

  • High precision bearing components lower friction and provide highly repeatable actuation
  • Flow Controlled tuning reduces end of stroke shock for consistent, repeatable dot placement
  • In limited comparison testing, flow controlled tuning has also resulted in reduced ink splatter
  • Can be retro-fitted onto most existing pneumatic inking systems
  • Simplified shuttle maintenance procedure does not require shuttle disassembly

Precision Shuttle Kit Availability.

Order Part Number Inker Model Mounting Arm or Direct Mount
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X1412 for TSK applications Mounting Arm included
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Motorized-Z X4115, X4116, X4215 and X4217 Mounting Arm included
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X1410 TSK Inker Retrofit Mounting Arm Included
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X1413 OEM Installations Mounting Arm Included
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X1100 Series Inkers Direct Mount Shuttle Replacement (no kit required)