Plunger Stop Assembly

Plunger Stop Assembly

Optimize 3 mil & 5 mil Small Dot Ink Cartridge Production with the Plunger Stop Assembly

This assembly is recommended for use in all 3 mil and 5 mil DM-1 cartridge applications and is available for all electric inker H style cartridge holders. The assembly consists of an adjustable plunger stop which is attached to the solenoid/cartridge holder with a bracket and set screw.

The exposed filament length of the 3 mil and 5 mil DM-1 cartridge is 0.025 inch shorter than other DM-1 cartridges in order to deposit a minimal amount of ink. The 3 mil and 5 mil applications also require a very short plunger stroke to limit the amount of ink drawn to the filament tip. Limiting plunger travel via the adjustable plunger stop provides better control of the amount of ink transported by the filament and therefore consistency of dot sizes in applications where small dots (3-5 mil) are required.

To install, simply remove the two screws that retain the solenoid and bracket and replace the bracket with the plunger stop assembly. View / Download installation and setup instructions HERE.

Plunger Stop Features and Benefits

  • Quick installation on existing cartridge holder
  • Large, knurled adjustment screw
  • Allows precise adjustment of plunger stroke
  • Consistent small dots using 3 mil or 5 mil DM-1 cartridges
  • Available for all H series cartridge holders
  • Order Part Number 210-0016

NEW 3 mil & 5 mil Vacuum Priming Tool

Designed for use with 3 mil & 5 mil DieMark ink cartridges. The Vacuum Priming tool is setup for priming by using the flow control valve to set a vacuum level based on cartridge size and ink type. The vacuum control valve is then turned on for a specific time, based once again on cartridge size and ink type, to draw ink into the cartridge lower ink reservoir.

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