NEW Electric Inker Controller

NEW Electric Inker Controller

Actuate a DieMark Electric Inker using Prober, Foot / Hand Switch, or PC

The NEW 350-0028 DieMark Electric Inker Controller is designed to power a Xandex Electric Inker. It is intended for uses where a wafer prober or other actuation signal is not present or is not configured to drive the actuator. Designed to work with 12V and 24V DieMark actuator coils, the controller automatically detects the coil’s voltage after the first signal actuation and automatically sets output voltage to either 24 or 48 VDC (2x rated coil voltage).

The Electric Inker Controller is powered by an external 24VDC power supply and automatically detects the DieMark inker's actuator voltage upon the first triggered pulse after power up. It then sets the output signal to either a 24V or 48V depending on the coil Voltage. The output signal to the inker can be triggered by a wafer prober signal, a foot or hand switch, or serial data commands via a PC.

The Controller can be signaled to actuate a coil via three input ports: by an “ink” signal from a wafer prober or other inking equipment or via an optional foot switch available from Xandex. Either signal source can be connected to the SIGNAL port.

The controller can be signaled via a hand switch (not available from Xandex) connected to the SWITCH port. The controller can also be signaled to actuate a coil and serially programmed via the USB C port connected to a PC.

Electric Controller Features


  • Wafer Prober “Ink” Signal: 12 - 60 volts @ minimum 30 ms pulse width
  • Footswitch (Optional, available from Xandex)
  • Secondary Hand Switch Input (not sold by Xandex: purchase switch with 1/8 inch / 3.5mm TS Mono connector)
  • Serial Commands via USB C input (USB C cable not supplied)
  • Default: 24 or 48 VDC @ preset 17ms ON time and 150ms off-time cycle ( 6 dots per second)
  • Programable ON time range 5-50ms / OFF time range 100-995ms via serial programing and command
24VDC POWER SUPPLY (included):
  • Input: Universal 100/120/220/240 Volts AC @ 50/60 Hz 60W
  • Output: 24VDC

  • Controller: Order Set Part Number 333-1000
  • Optional Foot Switch: Order Part Number 350-0010
  • Optional Prober/ Inking Equipment Cables and Custom Signal cables available: Contact Xandex Customer Service: EMAIL: / TEL: +1 (707) 763-7799 or Toll Free in the US +1 (800) 767-9543

For more information on dimensions, cable connectors and programming commands, view or download the User Guide or Dimensional Drawing linked below (links open in a new tab):

Download / View as a PDF Data Sheet

Download / View Controller Dimensional Drawing

Download / View User Guide / Programming Manual

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