Xandex Quality

Xandex received ISO 9001 registration April, 1997.
Xandex received ISO 9001:2000 registration June, 2003
Xandex received ISO 9001:2008 registration March 30, 2010. Re-certified on May 28, 2015.

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Quality Policy
Xandex is committed to Customer Satisfaction by providing innovative solutions, products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations; these objectives shall be achieved by a quality management system that ensures continual improvement.

Quality Objectives

To pursue excellence and continual improvement in the development and manufacture of our products, development of our people, and the implementation of our overall Quality System by establishing measurable goals and promoting individual responsibility to achieve those goals.

To ensure that new and existing product designs meet customer requirements and exceed their expectations in terms of performance, safety, cost, and availability by involving qualified employees and adequate resources to complete the work as required.

To ensure that each person who creates, manages, performs and verifies work affecting quality has the organizational independence, authority and responsibility to initiate action to prevent and correct the occurrence of nonconformities related to all products and quality procedures.

To achieve and preserve an effective Quality System that complies with ISO 9001 through training, internal audits, and continuous improvement of our processes.

To enhance the company’s reputation throughout the industry and maximize customer satisfaction by striving to continuously improve our products, our response time on all levels, reduce costs, and maintain an excellent supplier record.

To create an environment which encourages ownership and a passion for quality through recognition and reward of individuals who exemplify quality by promoting and nurturing the spirit of our quality system, and embracing opportunities for improvement.