8104 Glycol Free Air Dry Ink

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8104 Glycol Free Ink

8104 Ink

Xandex 8104 is a premium, low viscosity, glycol ether free ink that delivers large thin dots and maintains excellent geometry on dense IC circuitry. Xandex 8104 exhibits controlled wetting (spreading) on many different wafer passivations, with a dot range of 11-86 mil (see chart below).*

Xandex 8104 glycol ether free ink hard cures under ambient conditions in the least time of any of the inks offered by Xandex. Ink dots air dry** to a hard cure at a rate of approximately 1 minute per 1 mil of dot size, and maintain excellent adhesion. Xandex 8104 is thermally stable and can be used in hot chuck and oven dry applications without cracking or loss of adhesion. Xandex 8104 contains less than 20ppm of Sodium and Chloride and is 100% certified.

8104 Features and Benefits

  • Fast air dry time (1 minute per 1 mil of dot size, or faster)
  • Glycol ether free
  • Less than 20ppm Sodium and Chloride - 100% certified
  • Four month shelf life
  • Consistent dot shape and size
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Thermally stable for inking with hot chuck
  • Large dots with rapid air drying at ambient temperatures
  • Available in DM-2 & DM 2.3: A5, A6 and A8

* All ink dot characterization testing performed at ambient temperature of 70° degrees F, relative humidity of 50% using polished, unetched silicon wafers (no passivation)
** A room temperature cure will give good results for the vast majority of applications. In applications where the ink will be subjected to very harsh process conditions or if the ink is not giving acceptable adhesion results, a cure of 150 degrees C for 30 minutes is recommended.

Average Dot Sizes

Average Dot Size by CartridgeType and Inker Model

Average dot sizes for each cartridge type with pneumatic controller Dot Size setting at Minimum and Maximum.

Cartridge Type X1000, X4000 Series Inkers
X2000, X3000 Series X901, X1101 Inkers
X5000 Series Inkers
(DM 2.3)
Motorized-Z Inker
Small Dot Mode Large Dot Mode
A5 MIN 26 mil MIN 24 mil MIN 24 mil MIN 11 mil 21 mil
MAX 48 mil MAX 41 mil MAX 46 mil MAX 18 mil 41 mil
A6 MIN 37 mil MIN 35 mil MIN 36 mil MIN 14 mil 27 mil
MAX 60 mil MAX 62 mil MAX 60 mil MAX 22 mil 51 mil
A8 MIN 56 mil MIN 56 mil MIN 59 mil MIN 26 mil 47 mil
MAX 86 mil MAX 79 mil MAX 83 mil MAX 42 mil 83 mil